Terms & Conditions

AWWA Bonanza Program Terms and Conditions

General Rules
•   To be eligible to compete for Bonanza Program prize monies that are distributed each year at the AHA U.S. Nationals, horses must be sired by a stallion, or out of a mare, that has a Parentage Nomination form on file with the Arabian Working Western Alliance for that particular competition year.
•   Specific AHA U.S. National classes that are Bonanza-designated (along with their payout amounts) are determined by the AWWA Board of Directors. The list of classes and their payout amounts is published each year.
•   Placings for payouts are based on the final total scores earned from the AHA National judge(s) during the AHA U.S. National championship classes.
•   The Arabian Working Western Alliance Executive Committee, at its option, shall have the authority to handle any disputes involved in the AWWA Bonanza Program and shall have final decision-making on all dispute resolutions.

Parentage Nomination
•   There are two ways to nominate a stallion or mare into the Bonanza Program: 1. yearly payment or 2. permanent nomination.
•   The owner of a stallion, or a mare, may nominate their horse(s) into the Bonanza Program for an annual fee of $250 before December 31st of the year prior to Competition. For example, a Parentage Nomination prior to December 31, 2019, covers competition year 2020.
•   For 2019 only, the Parentage Nomination requirement will be waived in order to get sires and dams nominated for 2020 offspring enrollment eligibility.
•   A stallion or mare may obtain permanent Parentage Nomination by paying a one-time fee of $2,000. For 2019, a reduced permanent Parentage Nomination fee is offered for $1,000 in order to jump-start the Bonanza Program.
•   Stallion and mare owners who nominate prior to December 31st each year or take the permanent nomination option will receive an advertising bonus by being included in Spring promotional advertising. All nominated sires and dams will be included on the website.
•   From January 1st to March 1st during the year of competition anyone may nominate a stallion or mare for the $250 yearly fee. The person paying the Parentage Nomination fee does not need to be the stallion or mare owner.
•   Parentage nominations are taken after March 1st with a penalty. From March 2nd to July 15th the Parentage Nomination is $350; July 16th to September 1st is $500 and September 2nd to start of AHA U.S. Nationals is $750. Anyone may submit a late Parentage Nomination.


Competition Enrollment
•   Each horse meeting the Parentage Nomination requirement must submit a completed Competition Enrollment form along with $150 enrollment fee in order to earn Bonanza payout monies.
•   Deadline for Competition Enrollment is July 15th of each competition year.
•   Late Competition Enrollments are accepted with a penalty. July 16th to September 1st is $350; September 2nd to start of AHA U.S. Nationals is $500.
•   Only the owner of the horse competing for Bonanza prize monies may submit the Competition Enrollment form.
•   Owners may enroll any number of horses to the Bonanza Program.
•   Each horse needs to be enrolled only once per year. One Competition Enrollment covers all Bonanza-designated classes at AHA U.S. Nationals. Horses must be entered properly in the corresponding AHA U.S. Nationals class as administered by the Arabian Horse Association in order to be eligible for Bonanza payout monies.